On the Pass – Cafe Lucia


Ah’ the humble omelette – A cause for many an argument in the kitchen.

‘You need a non-stick pan – we don’t have any!’ being the reason the chef’s omelette stuck to the pan and flumped onto the plate in a broken mess of egg-sodden crap.

The best way is to use an omelette pan (who woulda’ thought!), and guess what? they’re not non-stick. Keep it greased up with veg oil in the cupboard.

Stick it on the hob medium heat. Add some butter. Wipe it around with kitchen cloth leaving a thin layer.

Whisk 2 or 3 eggs, season, add it to the pan. Cook for 2 minutes then add your filling – brie, goats cheese, sauteed mushrooms or smoked salmon are all good.

Then chuck it in the oven (if you’ve got a pan with a metal handle that is) – if not continue to cook on very low heat on the hob. Or if you’re in a kitchen stick it under the salamander for a minute or two depending on how you want it cooked. It’ll puff up and come away from the bottom when you shake the pan.

Pallete knife / fish slice under it and flip one side over and pop it out of the pan.

Works every time.