On The Pass – New Summer Menu 2013

New summer menu started yesterday.


This seasons trio is… Lamb!

On the left are stacked pieces of slow-braised (and I mean ultra slow!) lamb belly in plums, red grapes, red wine. The braising liquor is reduced to make a thick plum jus.

In the middle is a bowl of Thai style lamb broth using a refreshing green Thai curry paste of lemongrass, ginger, garlic, basil, green chillies, lime juice. Light, refreshing and healthy.

On the right is lamb cutlet with a mint and Drambuie jus with potato fondant and bacon wrapped asparagus.

proscuitto wrapped cod

Proscuitto wrapped cod on a bed of samphire and asparagus, with a white wine, cream, tarragon sauce.

And surf clams of course, one of my favourite things at the moment. Meaty and moist with an explosion of flavour when you bite into them – careful to not overcook tho as they turn into chewy bits of rubber!).


Spatchock poussin! (sounds like a good name for a punk band)

Young chicken with the backbone removed, and then grilled. We cut this portion in half as the whole bird was too  big for a portion. The sauce is rasberry and port (reduction, sticky, sweet and tart), served with a stack of sweet potato, courgette and pepper.