102_0306 First of all get a gutted pig from your butcher. They weigh about 7kg and cost £75. You get around a 3kg yield of meat per pig. Most recipes call for brining but I don’t think this is necessary so I went with a Spanish style recipe. The Spanish know what they’re talking when it comes to pork.

First score the skin then rub with cracked black pepper, sea salt, garlic, butter. Splash a bit of cooking white wine in the base of the dish and braising vegetables like onion, garlic cloves, celery and carrots. Lastly some roughly chopped sage and apple in the base.

Cover it up with baking proof paper, then with aluminium foil to keep the heat and moisture in so the skin doesn’t burn. The baking paper stops it from sticking to the tin foil. Stick it in the over for about 3 hours on 140, then 1 hour on 160 uncovered.

Flip it over once an hour. This will baste the pig in all it’s juices!

102_0315 Then it’s cooked.

102_0319 I then stuck an apple in it’s mouth and brought up to temperature on the barby. Then I added some Coor Orchard cider and continued to braise it slowly the next day until the flesh was tender enough that it fell apart easily from the bones. Then make the sauce!

Drain the braising liquor. Get rid of the veg so you just have the juice and the cooked apples and blend it. It should be thick and gravy like. Season to taste.

102_0321 Then get a floured bap, fairly dense bread and layer haggis, the pulled pork, sauerkraut and the sauce and Bob’s your uncle.

102_0325 And this was our first customer – chuffed!