Mark Murphy’s Warehouse Edinburgh



Scottish Wild Mushrooms


JB on the Right; Graeme fresh of night shift looking dazed!


The picking and packing room at 8am. Quiet now all the vans long gone


Romanesco Broccoli


Nothing like spending a frisky October morning checking out the fruit and veg wares of your favourite supplier.

Lead by the food obsessed JB, along with an eager pop up kitchen enthusiast Ashley, we checked out some exciting stuff.

Mark Murphys supplies to Tom Kitchen and has around 1000 customers in Scotland including Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Inverness.

They run on two deliveries per day during the weekdays, one morning delivery on the weekend and have telesales operators working evenings through the week (very handy if you don’t know exactly what you want).

We managed to score some romanesco broccoli – a beautiful sprouting vegetable (see picture). Never seen it before!

Also some salsify – looks like a long dirty stick. I have noticed it in Middle Eastern/ Asian fruit markets but never used it before.

Romanesco three ways for a tapas special tonight: poached florets; romanesco puree and brie and romanesco bake.

As for the salsify – not sure yet.

Then it was onto the micro herbs looking for garnishes for our delice of sea bass on ravioli – salad dill did the trick. Immense flavour and fine and thin appearance. For our lamb rack with haggis, neeps and tatties gratin the red amareth was the choice. A subtle earthy flavour; luscious and red in colour – Perfect to sit atop the gratin we reckon.