Standard smokers such as this Cameron one (  are total bollocks.

£50 for a metal box that has a perforated level in it that comes out like a drawer.

What a rip off.

OK – rant over.

So to make a smoking machine within a commercial kitchen you’ll need two gastros – one deep, one perforated, and a lid.

Line the deep one with alluminium foil, stick some cherry wood dust in the bottom, cover with perforated one and lid.g

Plug up any holes with more foil and leave on the hob/ grill for 20 mins until smoking.

Now your smokin’!! If your at home this means you you’ll need to turn your extraction fans on full and open the window.

Make an alluminium foil boat to put on the perforated level and put your livers on it, they won’t stick to the gastro this way. Then cover with lid and cook about 15 mins, until sealed but moist and a bit raw in the middle.

Sautee shallots in garlic oil, add a good bit of Gran Marniere/ or Cointreau and flambe like a kitchen cowboy –  impressing everyone in the room who isn’t a chef while you do so.

Add livers once booze has been cooked off and cook through, a tbsp of tomato paste, flash of orange juice and season at the end.

Then blitz it and put the thick puree in a container and in the fridge to set.

Serve it with a nice sweet jam on crostini or oatcakes.