Autumn Menu Favourite – Lamb Rack

Rack of Lamb

Rack of Lamb

Lamb is very popular in the UK. This makes it easy to make it the most popular dish on the menu.

We’re using Scotch lamb of course from the Borders, via Campbell’s Prime Meats in Linlithgow.

An excellent  Scottish graze caused by grey skies and unrelentless drizzle all year round make the meat succulent and flavourful – Allowing some respite for being doomed to live in a country where the weather man will always hate you.

We’re using award-winning haggis from Campbells for this dish.

Pairing lamb with haggis makes more sense than you think. Haggis contains around 30% lamb offal so essentially you are only pairing lamb with… erm… lamb.

And then we do something awesome with it.

Because haggis is awesome.

And so is gratin.

And there’s only one thing better than something awesome – Something doubly awesome. So we layer it in traditional ‘haggis, neeps and tatties’ style, thinly slicing the potatoes and turnip with a mandolin, then chuck in some simmered cream flavoured with a bouquet garni, seasoning and of course cayenne pepper.

The cream should only make its way half way up your roasting tin, any more and it will bubble over making the whole thing way too soggy, hitting the plate with a slap.

Half way up. It never seems like enough. But it is.

Now the sauce.

This sauce is a winner. Hot oil in the pan, chuck in a shot of honey flavoured whisky liqueur (Drambuie, bottled in Edinburgh) and flambé. Next add your stock. If you’re at home this will no doubt be a lamb oxo cube.

Fair enough.

If you’re in a kitchen it’ll be demi glace made from calves foot and veal bones. Either way it’ll be awesome.

Then roughly chop a handful of mint and add once stock and booze have mixed. Leave on for one minute and Bob’s your uncle.