Onglet of Scotch Beef


This is my favourite thing at the moment.

4 years ago my Great Aunt bought it for me at Marche St-Germain.

I had no idea what it was so I asked the butcher what part of the cow it came from. He pointed to the inner cheek of his buttocks and said ‘very tender’.

My aunt made me cook it, which was slightly difficult as it wasn’t evenly cut. I cooked it medium rare and we ate it with truffle sauce.

The meat just melted in our mouths.

Onglet Scotch beef steak with celeriac and truffle oil puree

Served rare thinly sliced with beetroot jus

Onglet Steak

  • 4 oz onglet/ skirt steak
  1. Bring up to room temperature and season both sides
  2. Cook on high heat, until meat is sealed and rare
  3. Slice thinly into medallions

Excellent with celeriac puree (softened celeriac pieces brought to heat in cream in cayenne, garlic and seasoning, blended to a fine puree). Finish with Urbani black truffle oil.

Bon appetit!