Vietnamese Spring Rolls!


So light and refreshing in Spring. First had them on a filthy hot humid day in South East Asia – Awesome!

Vegetable Spring rolls with garlic soya dip

Made with rice paper and filled with basil, greens, rice noodles, cucumber and julienne carrots


•24 thin spring roll rice paper wrappers (Vietnamese or Thai, not the Chinese ones used for egg rolls)

•Rice noodles



•Fresh herbs

•Spring greens (blanched)

• Spinach

  • 2 tbsp. green Thai paste
  1. Prep all your veggies so that they are thinly sliced, and shorter than your wrappers by about 5-6 cm.
  2. Blanch rice noodles and refresh
  3. Wet a clean towel, ring it out and lay it flat on your counter top
  4. Soak rice paper in hot water for 30 seconds until transparent
  5. Put on towl, layer herbs, Thai paste, cucumber, carrot, blanched greens, spinach and rice noodles and fold up tightly at the top and sides roll like a burrito

Soya dip – sesame oil, sesame seeds, soya sauce, chopped garlic