Pop Up Kitchen Tonight – Japanese Trio of Gyoza, Sushi and Miso






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Japanese Trio of Gyoza dumplings, Sushi and Miso

First time doing shusi so no recipe today folks!

A few tips though… EVERYTHING comes down to the rice.

Wash it and wash it again. Soak it for an hour too. When rolling the sushi cut the sheets in half lengthways.

Gyoza dumplings are made easy with a dumpling press. See picture.

A recipe for this is simple as hell…


Water, flour, soya mince, soy sauce, herbs (see below)

  1. 1 cup flour/ 1 cup flour, combine to make a dough. Season.
  2. Roll out thin, about 1mm and fill. Brush water around edges and press together. Shallow fry to order.
  3. For the filling we used soya mince, marinated in soya, ginger, garlic, lemongrass and chilli.