About this blog

This blog is for anyone else who is completely addicted to kitchens and food.

It contains recipes, food reviews, menus, photos of kitchens and loads of other stuff that could only be interesting to someone who spends 60+ hours in a kitchen every week.

My CDP calls it the kitchen universe.

Once you enter you can work constantly without a break and without food all day long.

You don’t leave when your shift is supposed to end.

You leave when your job is done, everyone has eaten, the orders have been placed, a prep list written and the kitchen is clean.

And then you do it all again the next day.

You never see your friends and your girlfriend hates you because your always working or sleeping.

Your hands get ugly.

Your Mum tells you you work too much and leaves angry messages on your answerphone.

Aquaintances you meet who you’d probably have become friends with try to invite you places you can’t ever say yes to.

They eventually stop calling you altogether.

You develop a kinship with everyone and anyone else who works in the kitchen with you.

This kinship dissapears when you get to the pub and realise all you can talk about is the kitchen universe.

Sometimes you think you might’ve been better off sitting in a nice air conditioned office somewhere crunching numbers.

But deep down you know that all the sweat, burns on your arms, split sauces, cut fingers and midnight finishes are worth the satisfaction.

The satisfaction of cooking the best food you can possibly cook, the fastest you can possibly cook it.

Welcome to the kitchen universe.