Surgeons Courtyard BBQ Specials

Today’s BBQ specials at Surgeons Hall Courtyard Pop Up Kitchen are!! Warm Mediterranean salad of grilled peppers, olives, courgette, haloumi and aubergine 8oz Pork and ß Burger with grilled pepper and avocado in Foccacia !… Continue reading

Pop Up Kitchen at Surgeon’s Courtyard!

Pop Up Kitchen At Surgeons Courtyard for Aug 1 – Aug 25. This is our setup! Gas BBQ, 4 Door counter fridge, Griddle pan, gas ring for Sauteeing and soups, two gastro size… Continue reading

On the Pass – Scottish Salmon Ceviche

The perfect answer to a hot summers day. Ceviche is of South American origin, and is a method of cooking fresh fish in cold citrus juices – no heat needed! So, you need… Continue reading

On The Pass – New Summer Menu 2013

New summer menu started yesterday. This seasons trio is… Lamb! On the left are stacked pieces of slow-braised (and I mean ultra slow!) lamb belly in plums, red grapes, red wine. The braising… Continue reading

Fringe Pop Up Kitchen!!

This year’s Fringe BBQ at Surgeon’s Courtyard is going to be the best in Edinburgh. End of. Along with the BBQ faves from last year we’ll be running awesome daily specials prepared by… Continue reading

On The Pass – Lamb Neck with Mint and Rhubarb Sauce

Another example of good food V crap photography so you’ll just have to take my word on this one. Lamb neck, bone in chop – it’s cheap as chips and awesome braised in… Continue reading

On the Pass – Cafe Lucia

Ah’ the humble omelette – A cause for many an argument in the kitchen. ‘You need a non-stick pan – we don’t have any!’ being the reason the chef’s omelette stuck to the… Continue reading

New Summer Menu 2013!

New Summer menu starting on the Solstice (June 21) at No. Ten Restaurant! Some exciting Summer-y stuff – Proscuitto wrapped cod with samphire, haggis dumplings with rhubarb sauce. salmon ceviche, trio of lamb,… Continue reading

On The Pass – Trio of Rabbit

Rabbit like never before – Loin stuffed with haggis, wrapped in bacon on turnip fondant with mustard whisky sauce; confit leg on broad bean mash with orange and rosemary sauce and rabbit broth… Continue reading

No Ten Carvery Restaurant wins award!

Our new carvery has just won the EatScotland award for quality food and service. EatScotland is part of a government initiative to promote Scottish provenance in food, as well as the broader food… Continue reading

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    • Pop Up Kitchen Tonight - Japanese Trio of Gyoza, Sushi and Miso November 3, 2014
      Pop Up Kitchen Tonight – Japanese Trio of Gyoza, Sushi and Miso     Tonight… Japanese Trio of Gyoza dumplings, Sushi and Miso First time doing shusi so no recipe today folks! A few tips though… EVERYTHING comes down to the rice. Wash it and wash it again. Soak it for an hour too. When rolling the sushi cut the sheets in half lengthways. Gyoza dumplings are m […]
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